Why taking courses?

To gain independence  in scuba diving, it is advisable to take a training with an instructor in order to better understand and know the security rules.
Provided with a medical certificate, valid one year, you can learn scuba diving and improve by:
- Writing down your expeditions in your diving diary
- Taking exams to validate diving licenses or levels, with progressive learning contents, specific to certain skills.
Each technical diving license will be rewarded with a level certificate.

Diving levels:

          Trainings for kids:
• From 8 years old ("young divers"): Bronze Diver, Silver Diver, Gold Diver

          Trainings for youngsters and adults:
Generally speaking, diving skills are split into 4 diving levels:
• From 14 years old (it can be 12 under certain circumstances): diving license level 1 (or Open Water), supervised at -20 m.
• From 16 years old: diving license level 2 (or Advanced): autonomous at -20 m, supervised at -40 m.
• From 18 years old: diving license level 3, autonomous or supervised at -60 m.
• Diving license level 4 (Diving group guide)

Organization of the trainings

Level 1 training lasts for 6 afternoons (you can choose them to be consecutive or not). Trainings are on demand. There are hence no pre-established dates, and we organize your training according to your availability.
Diving times are from 2pm to 5pm.
Theoretical courses are given after the diving session in one or two sessions.
It is mandatory that before your first dive, you can show a medical certificate mentioning you have no counter-indication for scuba diving (certificat médical  de non contre-indication).
Narval Plongée is authorized to deliver diving licenses FFESSM, ANMP or SDI.
For more information on our trainings and their prices, check the tariff page.

The instructor team

Assisted with a skilled team of qualified instructors, Fabienne Henry, CMAS *** Instructor, has been head of the diving club 'le Narval' since January 2002. Since the end of 2013 she has been DE JEPS ('Diplôme d’Etat de la jeunesse, de l’éducation populaire et du sport' = State certificate of youth, popular education, and sport).
With more than 4000 dives performed, a 20 years experience, and broad skills in this field (TRIMIX instructor, diving instructor for children, TRIMIX gas blender, IT staff OWSI SDI...), Fabienne will take you on unforgettable dives, in full respect of the security rules.
Her good mood and communicative cheerfulness will also ensure nice moments for you outside water :-)

Has the degrees BEES 1 , MF1, OWSI.
Diver since 15 years, he also has a long experience in entertainment and holiday resorts. At ease with kids as well as with adults, he shares with everyone his passion for the big blue.

The boat

Since June 2003, Narval Plongée  center has owned a boat, the 'Don Luis', perfectly geared to take in full security 25 people on board for a dive in the creeks of Cassis.